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David Sarnoff:

The Child is Father to the Man

Horatio Alger Comes to Life

Luck Favors the Prepared Mind

Hard Times

The Making of the General

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

Imagining the Future

David Sarnoff: Timeline

1906-1919: Horatio Alger Comes to Life

1907: Promoted to junior wireless telegraph operator.

1908-09: Signs on as assistant telegraph operator at Marconi station at Siasconset, Nantucket Island, off Massachusetts; promoted to full operator.


1909-10: Appointed night manager of Marconi station at Sea Gate, Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York.

1910: Transfers to management of Marconi station in Wanamaker’s Department Store, New York City

1911: Father dies; takes leave to sign on as wireless operator on S.S. Beothic out of St. John’s, Newfoundland, for seal hunting expedition; also serves on S.S. Harvard.

1912: Promoted to Marconi radio station inspector and instructor at Marconi Institute for new operators.

1913: Promoted to chief radio inspector and assistant chief engineer; helps establish first radio communications with railroad trains on the Erie Lackawanna line between Binghamton, New York, and Scranton, Pennsylvania.

1914: Permits Edwin Armstrong to demonstrate continuous wave regeneration technology at Marconi station at Belmar, New Jersey and receives reprimand from senior Marconi officials in England. Promoted to contract manager.

1915: Promoted to assistant traffic manager; makes first proposal regarding broadcast radio.

1915-18: Secretary of Institute of Radio Engineers (one of the IEEE’s founding organizations).

1917: Promoted to commercial manager.

July 4, 1917: Marries Lizette Hermant.

July 2, 1918: Becomes father of Robert W. Sarnoff.

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