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Focus on a Career Engineer

Appendix III
Some of the Publications of Edward W. Herold

“Triple–Grid Power Amplifier Tubes,” Radio Engineering, December 1932

Discussion of Sewall Cabot Paper on Resistance Tuning, Proceedings of the I.R.E., November 1934

“Negative Resistance and Devices for Obtaining It,” Proc. IRE, October 1935

Section 5, “Vacuum Tubes,” with Thompson, Stinchfield and Salzberg, Pender-McIlwaine Handbook, Wiley, 1936

“An Analysis of Admittance Neutralization by Means of Negative Transconductance Tubes,” Proc. IRE, November 1937

“High Frequency Correction in Resistance–Coupled Amplifiers,” Communications, August 1938

“Superheterodyne Converter System Considerations in Television Receivers,” RCA Review, January 1940

“The Operation of Frequency Converters and Mixers for Superheterodyne Reception,” Proc. IRE, February 1942

“Some Aspects of Radio Reception,” with Louis Malter:

“Part I. Antenna and Receiver Circuits,” Proc. IRE, August 1943

“Part III. Signal–to–Noise Ratio of Radio Receivers,” Proc. IRE, September 1943

“Part V. Frequency Mixing in Diodes,” Proc. IRE, October 1943

“An Improved Bridge Null Indicator”, Electronics, October 1945 (p. vii)

“Superheterodyne Frequency Conversion by Phase—Reversal Modulation,” Proc. IRE, April 1945

“Empirical Formula for Amplification Factor,” Proc. IRE, May 1947

“Electron Tube,” Article for Encyclopedia Britannica, 1948 edition

“An Improved Method of Testing for Residual Gas in Electron Tubes and Vacuum Systems,” RCA Review, September 1949

“Methods Suitable for Television Color Kinescopes,” Proc. IRE, Oct., 1951; RCA Review, September 1951

“New Advances in the Junction Transistor,” British Journal of Applied Physics, April 1954

“Semiconductors and the Transistor,” Journal of the Franklin Institute, February 1955

“Future Aspects of Solid–State Phenomena,” Proc. IRE, November 1957

“Controlled Thermonuclear Fusion,” RCA Review, June 1958

“A Post–Geneva Review of Controlled Thermonuclear Fusion,” IRE Transactions on Nuclear Science, September 1959

“Research — Its Use and Misuse,” Poly Men, July 1961

“The Impact of Receiving Tubes on Broadcast and TV Receivers,” Proc. IRE, May 1962

“The Future of the Electron Tube,” IEEE Spectrum, January 1965 (p. viii)

“The Choice: Innovation or Stagnation,” Editorial in IEEE Transactions on Engineering Writing and Speech, December 1968

“A Compatible High–Resolution TV System for Cablecasting,” Proc. IEEE, July 1970

“Keeping Up: The Engineer’s Dilemma,” IEEE Spectrum, September 1973

Book: Color Television Picture Tubes, co-authored with A.M. Morrell, H. B. Law, and E. G. Ramberg, Academic Press, N.Y. 1974

“Colour Television Picture Tube,” in Electronic Engineers Reference Book, 4th Ed., edited by L. W. Turner, Newnes–Butterworths, London. 1976

“Professionalism,” RCA Engineer, April/May 1977 (p. ix)

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