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"Looking for Life on Mars: Phoenix and the  Twin Rovers in  3-D"

by Dr. Ken Kremer, NASA JPL Solar System Ambassador and the Planetary Society

Witness the ongoing NASA Missions to Mars in this interactive program covering the explorations and adventures of robots Phoenix, Spirit, and Opportunity.  These amazing vehicles have dug into ice at the Martian North Pole and journeyed many miles across the surface of the Red Planet.  See the custom Martian image mosaics specially created by Dr. Kremer and the RAT science drill, a crucial element in the scientific search for evidence of past water on Mars. The lecture includes spectacular 3-D images placing you “On Mars.”

Ken is a research scientist and journalist whose articles and space exploration images have appeared in magazines and websites, including Astronomy Picture of the Day and the covers of Aviation Week & Space Technology and Spaceflight magazines.  He has given numerous presentations at educational institutions, civic organizations, museums, and astronomy clubs to educate and excite kids and adults about science and space exploration.

Ken Kramer
Dr. Kremer standing before
the rollout of Space Shuttle STS-120

Kennedy Space CenterFlorida, September 2007

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