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"Martians for Education Gets Logo - and Radio Station"

For Immediate Release: 

PRINCETON, NJ: The Library's field trip program is underway, and so too is the campaign to help underwrite it!  At the Library's annual meeting in June, executive director Alex Magoun announced the winner of the logo contest for events related to the campaign.  Monica Vagnozzi submitted the colorful logo that won out over 26 other entries.

martians for eduction logo

The 2008 Martians for Education logo designed by Monica Vagnozzi

magoun w/winner vagnozzi

Dr. Alex Magoun congratulates winning designer Monica Vagnozzi at the Library's annual meeting

Meanwhile the David Sarnoff Radio Club applied for and received a special station license W0W for amateur operation over the weekend of  October 25-26.  It will use W0W to attract amateur radio contacts from across the country and around the world, and also to contact other emergency response groups across the state and country about events at Grover's Mill in West Windsor, NJ.  Contacts will receive a QSL card with the Martians  for Education commemorative logo.
"We look forward to informing the public on  the operation of the incredible emergency-response
wireless networks available in a disaster, whether it be alien life forms or a hurricane," says Magoun.  "Chances are, as with Katrina or a power-grid outage, that radio operators coordinating with the American Red Cross and the National Guard will be the only the way to stay in touch with the rest of the world and those in a position to help."
And, of course, the Library in conjunction with the New Jersey Antique Radio Club and the Hunterdon Radio Theatre will hold its own fundraising broadcast of the original radio emergency, the 1938 hoax broadcast of War of the Worlds, in two shows Saturday afternoon and evening.  Stay tuned for more details!


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