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As the repository for a grand tradition of innovation, the David Sarnoff Library tells a story that weaves the present and future of electronic innovation with its past-a past that is only as old as yesterday yet runs back to the birth of electronics and wireless communication over a century ago.

Radio, television, electron microscopy, lasers, digital cameras, LCDs, and countless other technologies-David Sarnoff, RCA, and its Laboratories played unique roles in making possible what we take for granted today. Without their contributions, Silicon Valley and the digital revolution of the last twenty years would not have been possible.

At the Library you can see the sources of invention, productivity, and prosperity. Through Sarnoff's career and through the history of RCA and other innovative companies, you can study the people, beliefs, motives, and laws that shape revolutionary technologies. Visitors can compare the changing uses of radio, television, computers, and other inventions to their uses today. You can see the roles of the many people who define inventions and their uses, from an idea on paper to the product and application. Aided by continuing gifts to the Library, a treasure trove of artifacts, photographs, publications, notebooks, and papers enable researchers to produce the documentaries, books, articles, and websites that help us best appreciate the creativity of inventive people-through historical and technical perspectives.

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