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Online Texts

1. Aldridge, Benjamin L. Frederic Bayh, ed. The Victor Talking Machine Company (Camden, NJ: RCA Sales Corporation, 1964).

2. Beck, Francis X., Jr. "Some Reminiscing: A Few Years Before the U.P.C."

3. Enders, William H. "Proposal for the Framework of a Home Information System (HIS)," Business Evaluation, RCA Laboratories, April 1968.

4. Herold, Edward W. Focus on a Career Engineer: Excerpts from Bygone Days: An Autobiography (unpublished typescript, 1983).

5. Hillier, James. "Memo to all Members of the Technical Staff," March 31, 1966.

6. Iams, Harley. "An Outline of Iconoscope Development between April 1930 and October 1933."

7. Jacobson, Sava. "CBS and Color Television, 1949-1951."

8. Jones, Loren F. Moscow Impressions (privately published booklet, 1938).

8. ________. Experiences in Russia, 1931, 1937-1938 (privately published booklet, Philadelphia, June 1982).

9. Kilbon, Kenyon. Pioneering in Electronics: A Short History of the Origins and Growth of RCA Laboratories, Radio Corporation of America, 1919 to 1964 (unpublished typescript, revised August 1964).

10. Sooy, Raymond [Memoirs of My Recording and Traveling Experiences for the Victor Talking Machine Company].

11. Sooy, Harry O. [Memoir of My Career at Victor Talking Machine Company, 1898-1925].

12. Thompson, Browder J. Diary Entries [RCA Radiotron, Harrison, New Jersey, December 1934-February 1936].

13. Zworykin, Vladimir, with Frederick Olessi. Iconoscope: An Autobiography of Vladimir Zworykin (Princeton, NJ: unpublished typescript, 1971).


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