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An Autobiography of Vladimir Zworykin

by V.K. Zworykin
with Frederick Olessi

(Princeton, NJ: unpublished typescript, 1971)


V.K. Zworykin Portrait

Editorial Notes


Chapter 1
1889-1904 Early Years
Chapter 2
1905-1914 St. Petersburg in 1905
Chapter 3
1914-1916 War
Chapter 4
1917-1918 Revolution and Escape
Chapter 5
1919-1928 A New Life
Chapter 6
1929-1934 Television and RCA
Chapter 7
1934 Return to Russia
Chapter 8
1935-1939 Pre-War World-Wide Television Effort, Zworykin's European Travels
Chapter 9
1940-1945 World War II
Chapter 10
1945-1954 Television Becomes a Reality
Chapter 11
1954 Retirement
Chapter 12
1955-1972 Research Activities
Chapter 13


Appendix A
Appendix B

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