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The Victor Talking Machine Company

Appendix III
Victor's Distributors

This list of Victor Distributors shows the development during the Company’s early history, 1901-03.


Chicago, Ill.—The Talking Machine Co.
Boston, Mass.—Eastern Talking Machine Co.

Philadelphia, Pa.—Western Electric Co.
St. Louis, Mo.—P. E. Conroy

New York, N.Y.—Maguire & Baucus
Cincinnati, O.—The Rudolph Wurlitzer Co.

Baltimore, Md.—H. R. Eisenbrandt’s Sons
New Orleans, La.—National Automatic Fire Alarm Co.

Detroit, Mich.—Grinnell Bros.
Kansas City, Mo.—J. F. Schmelzer & Sons Arms Co.

DECEMBER 7, 1901

Chicago—The Talking Machine Co.
Chicago—Lyon & Healy
New York—Maguire & Baucus. Ltd.
Boston—The Eastern Talking Machine Co.
St. Louis—P. F. Conroy
Philadelphia—Western Electric Co.
New Orleans—National Automatic Fire Alarm Co. of La.
Kansas City—J. F. Schmelzer & Sons Arms Co.
Buffalo—P. A. Powers
San Francisco—Sherman Clay & Co.
Baltimore—H. R. Eisenbrandt’s Sons
Cincinnati—The Rudolph Wurlitzer Co.
lndianapolis—Carlin & Lennox
Cleveland—Cleveland Talking Machine Co.
Detroit—Grinnell Bros.
Pittsburgh—S. Hamilton

JANUARY, 31, 1903

Chicago—The Talking Machine Co.
Chicago—Lyon & Healy
New York—Victor Distributing and Export Co.
New York—C. Bruno & Son
Syracuse—W. D. Andrews
Boston—Eastern Talking Machine Co.
Boston—John C. Haynes & Co.
Kansas City—Schmelzer & Sons Arms Company
Cleveland—Cleveland Talking Machine Company
Jacksonville—Metropolitan Talking Machine Company
New Haven—Henry Horton
Philadelphia—Western Electric Co.
Philadelphia—Penn Phonograph Co.
Cincinnati—Rudolph Wurlitzer Co.
Baltimore—H. R. Eisenbrandt Sons
Buffalo—P. A. Powers
St. Louis—Victor Talking Machine, Limited
St. Louis—Simmons Hardware Co.
Dubuque—Harger & Blish
San Francisco—Sherman Clay & Co.
St. Paul—Koehler & Hinrichs
Milwaukee—Huseby Co.
Indianapolis—Carlin & Lennox
Lincoln—Wittmann Co.
Omaha—A. Hospe, Jr.
Pittsburgh—E. G. Hayes & Co.
Pittsburgh—Theo F. Bentel Co., Inc.
Detroit—Grinnell Bros.
Schenectady—J. A. Rickard & Co.
Louisville—Victor Co.
Grand Rapids—Julius A. J. Friedrich
New Orleans—National Automatic Fire Alarm Co.

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