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The Victor Talking Machine Company

Appendix VIII

1899 Started as E. Berliner by J. Sanders and E. Blout on money borrowed from Mr. Berliner. The busi­ness prospered and the money was repaid promptly. The name was soon changed to The Berliner Gramophone Co. of Montreal. No important purchases were made from Camden until about 1905. After that all of Victor’s national advertising carried a byline reading “Berliner Gramophone Co., Montreal, Canadian Distributors.” Mr. Sanders, a nephew of Mr. Berliner’s, had charge of product development, production, etc. He was a recognized expert on recording materials. Mr. Blout was in charge of the commercial end of the business, and subsequently became one of Victor’s distrib­utors in New York City.
1909 (6/17/09) The company was incorporated as The Berliner Gramophone Co. Ltd., Canada. Victor got 94 shares.*

*There is some question about this quantity. It may have been 940.

1920 "His Master’s Voice Ltd., Canada," a national distributing subsidiary, was incorporated on March 6, 1920.
1923 On November 21, 1923, the Victor Board authorized the payment of $292,000 for 170.000 shares of Berliner stock at par. The purchase price was to include "His Master’s Voice," the distributing subsidiary. The name of the company was to be changed to the Victor Talking Machine Co., Ltd. (Canada) with a capital of $1,000,000. $500,000 were the assets of the company and $500,000 cash was to be supplied by Victor. Victor was to have 5,001 shares with an option to increase to 67%.
1927 Victor now owned 7,949 shares of 10,000, (12/31/27).
1928 Victor acquired full ownership.
1934 (3/17/34) RCA Victor Company Ltd., formerly the Victor Talking Machine Co. of Canada Ltd., incorporated with an authorized capital of $3,000,000 ($l,000,000 paid in).
1936 (5/1/36) "His Master’s Voice" was absorbed by RCA Victor, Ltd.
1938 "His Master’s Voice" Charter was surrendered.

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