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The Victor Talking Machine Company

Appendix XII
"Key" Personnel

Experimental: J.C. English

Engineering: W. N. Dennison. Henry H. Murray, George Smith. G. T. Williams

Purchasing: H. W. Troth, Edward E. Shumaker, Harry L. Sommerer

Instrument Mfg.: Wood: Eugene T. Keifer, J. D. Haddon
Metal: Isaac Burton, L. Lambert, Fred C. Jones

Musical Directors: Walter Rogers, Josef Pasternach, Rosario Bourdon, Nathaniel Shilkret, Edward King, Cliff Cains, Roy Shields

Recording Lab: Wm. H. Nafey, Harry O. Sooy, Raymond Sooy

Matrix Dept.: James W. Owen

Records and Repertoire: Walter Clark

Record Mfg.: Clarence S. Wickes, Gus Smith

Shipping: E. K. Smith, John Missey, Garrett R. Schenck, Edward T. Hamilton, Edward Fitzgerald

Legal and Patent: John D. Myers, Chester Baxter

Sales Mgr.: F. K. Dolbeer, J. S. MacDonald, Henry Brown, Roy A. Forbes

Ass't Sales Mgr.: Edward J. Dingley

Advertising Manager: Henry Brown, Ernst John, Roy Marshall

Traveling: George D. Ornstein, Charley Bennett, Harry A. Beach, P.A. Ware, C. Lloyd Egner

Education: Dr. Frances E. Clark

Contract: L. W. Collings, Frank McGalliard

Orders (except Record Production Orders)
-Replacement Parts
-Service: Walter B. Fughum, Edward J. Dingley, B.L. Aldridge

Record Reproduction Orders: Howard J. Shartle, Gustav T. Wielage, R. P.

Export: Don Mitchell, Walter Garlan, Robert Bradshaw

Accounting: D. W. Evans, F. M. Dolbeer, E. F. Haines, George W. Jaggers

Credit: Oliver Jones, F. K. Dolbeer, E. F. Haines

Other Important Assignments: R. W. Wythes, C. B. Myers, F. F. Gold, W. B. Stevenson, H. Spellman, E. C. Forman (p.115)

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