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The Victor Talking Machine Company

Appendix XIII
Victor's Directors and Officers


Eldridge R. Johnson*
President. 1901-1925, also
Chairman of Board, 1920-1925

Leon F. Douglass*
Vice President and General Manager, 1901-1903
Vice President, 1904-1905
Chairman of Board, 1906-1918

Belford G. Royal*
General Superintendent, 1912-1919
Vice President and General Supt., 1920-1922
Vice President, 1923-1925
Chairman of Board, 1926-1928

Edward E. Shumaker*
Purchasing Agent, 1919-1924
Director, 1925
President, 1926-1928

Louis F. Geissler*
General Manager, 1906-1918
Director, 1919-1921

Eldridge R. F. Johnson*
Vice President, 1922-1928

Charles K. Haddon*
Treasurer, 1905
Vice President & Treasurer, 1906-1919
Vice President, 1920-1921

Thomas S. Parvin*
Treasurer, 1901-1904
Director, 1905-1909
(Died 1912, long illness)

Alfred Clark*
(Mg. Director, The Gramophone Co., Ltd., London
Director, 1920-1928

Colin Cooper*
(Director The Gramophone Co., Ltd., London) Director. 1920-1925

Levi L. Rue*
(Chairman Philadelphia-Girard Nat'l Bank) Director, 1922-1928

John C. Jay*
(Partner J & W Seligman & Co.)
Director, 1926-1928

DeWitt Millhauser*
(Partner Speyer & Co.)
Director, 1926-1928

George F. Cullinan*
(Vice President Graybar Electric Co.) Director, 1927-1928

Albert Strauss*
(Partner J & W Seligman & Co.)
Director, 1927-1928

William Boyd*
(Vice Pres. Curtis Pub. Co.)
Director, 1928

Horace Pettit
General Counsel, 1901

Elmer C. Grimley
Ass't Treasurer, 1924-1925
Treasurer & Comptroller, 1926-1928

Walter J. Staats*
Comptroller, 1910-1918
Treasurer, 1919-1925
Director, 1926-1928

Albert C. Middleton*
Secretary, 1901-1914
Director, 1915-1918

Albert W. Atkinson*
Ass't Secretary, 1906-1919
Ass't Treasurer, 1920-1924
Director, 1925-1927

Calvin G. Child*
Director Recording Laboratory, 1919-1924 Director, 1925-1928

Ralph L. Freeman*
Ass't Secretary, 1912-1914
Secretary, 1915-1918
Director of Distributors, 1919-1923

Edward K. MacEwan
Secretary, 1920-1928

Eugene F. Haines
Ass't Treasurer, 1920-1928

George W. Jaggers
Ass't Treasurer, 1920-1925
Ass't Comptroller, 1926-1928

Frank B. Middleton
Ass't Treasurer, 1920-1925
Ass't Comptroller, 1926

Walter H. Hunt
Ass't Secretary, 1920-1928

Harry C. Grubbs
Commercial Vice President, 1928

Alfred Weiland
Vice Pres. in charge Production, 1927-1928

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